Thanks to the team of the experienced and professional engineers and technicians trained at Furuno together with specialized testing and calibrating equipment as well as the standard spare parts,  we are able to provide you all the following services :

1. Warranty, maintenance and repair

Haidang provides warranty, maintenance and repair for the supplied equipment and for other equipment of Marine Electronics.

Haidang is the authorized Service Center in Vietnam and also one of the Worldwide Service Center of FURUNO ELECTRIC CO. , LTD. (Japan), JOTRON AS (Norway).

2. Radio Survey

According to IMO, radio communication system, GMDSS and  radio safety equipment like AIS, VDR,… must be surveyed annually or be checked under mandatory standard.

Besides, Haidang also provides service “radio survey” for deep-sea under the authorized of  
•   Bureau Veritas (BV)
•   NK 
•   Lloyds
•   ABS
Haidang also has the authorization of Furuno for VDR survey.

3. GMDSS shore-based maintenance

According to IMO, shore-based maintenance for GMDSS is one of three conditions (the owner must choose two of them) for vessels operating international route.  
Haidang is approved to provide GMDSS shore-based maintenance service by Vietnam Register (VR).

4. Consulting solution, designing and installation complete system.

MF/HF, VHF, UHF Radio communications system, INMARSAT for Roadway Transportation, Railroad Transportation, Taxi, Sea Transportation; Site, Manufacturers, Industrial Parks; Restaurant, Hotels and Resorts, Parks, Supermarket, Office Building; for Military, Police, Security, Forestry, Customs, Firefight and Fire Prevention, Emergency, Rescue, Electricity, Fishery, Telecommunications; Airports, Aviation; sea-ports and off-shore, Petroleum, Fishing vessels, deap-sea,…

Marine systems and equipment like Echo sounder, Fish finder, Sonar, GPS, radar, ECDIS, Speed log, GMDSS equipment, VDR, AIS, SSAS, …

Specialized electronics like Queue Management System, Electronics Display, Monitoring Production System.

Fly Away Spare Parts Kit - FASK

In order to facilitate much faster and more efficient service provision at anytime, Haidang Co., Ltd. has placed all the necessary spare parts of Furuno equipment as set of FASK (Fly Away Spare Part Kit).

Each set of FASK is included one or two suitcases contained all the necessary spare parts (PCB, module,…) of a Furuno product. Haidang Co., Ltd has enough FASK for the popular models of Furuno product now and ready to go on demand. Whenever confirming a service order, Haidang technicians can attend the service immediately with FASK.

With FASK, Haidang Co., Ltd. has become more the professional and met the high demand of a Service center of FURUNO's Worldwide Service Network, will maximize customers’ satisfaction as well as fulfill the role of a Furuno Service center in Vietnam.

Together with FASK and a team of numerous experienced technician trained by Furuno, Haidang Co., Ltd. can attend the service anytime, anywhere throughout Vietnam country and oversea.

Fly Away Spare Parts Kit - FASK

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