The steps you should follow

When your equipment gets problem, you should follow the following steps:

Step 1: Solving problem yourselves
Study and follow the instruction at ""Trouble shooting"" in manual (included the equipment when purchasing or download from the website of manufactures).

If your equipment still has problem, please follow the next step

Step 2: Requesting for distance support.
Contact the place you bought your equipment (our authorised dealers) or contact Haidang head office and branches for further instruction (free of charge)

If you fail in doing this step, please follow the following one

Step 3: Contacting Service center for solving problem directly
Please contact the place where the equipment is purchased (our authorised dealers) or contact Haidang head office and branches (the authorised service center of the manufacturers) to receive a professional support (please access the Services from this website).  For small equipment, you are required to bring it to service center, and asking technicians for testing or repairing for big equipment.

- If your equipment is under warranty, it is repaired free of charge (please refer no. 3 of Warranty Policy)
- If your equipment is out of warranty, you should use our professional service (the service is only charged when the quotation is already confirmed and the service is done as stated in the quotation).
- The equipment which was repaired by amateur or non-authorised service center will be difficult to recover and take a lot of time as well as high cost.